sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017


Hi guys!
Today I'm going to talk about StyleWe an online store selling individual designer's clothes to customers mainly from US.

Bandanas are on fashion these days, which is the best way to wear them? Here's some Hairstyle FashionIf you click in the link you'll see great inspiration, like this pic. 

Here's another trend. This V neck sweater are about to rock your style. 

What about jumpsuits? Nice idea for a wedding, isn't it? Red color is rocking all the fashion weeks around the world. Have you got yours?

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  1. Hola wapísima!
    El jersey rojo de pico me ha fascinado!!
    Me parece super bonito!:)
    Un beso grande y buena semana!

  2. Me encantó el vestido de velvet, yo es que estoy demasiado enamorada de esa tela jajaja

    Instagram: @veronicamgx

  3. Ayyy me ha encantado el jersey rojo!! Es super chulo!
    Muchos besitos bonita,
    te espero por mi nuevo post <3 <3

  4. Me encanto la bandana y el jersey es precioso también!!
    Que tengas un lindo día, un beso enorme, nos leemos pronto

  5. Me encantan las bandanas!
    Un beso guapa :D


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